Custom Mouthguard Lincoln Park, IL

Mouthguards can serve several purposes as part of your oral healthcare. They are commonly used to both protect the teeth and stabilize the bite. We offer custom mouthguards for use in contact sports and activities or to prevent teeth grinding. Creating a custom mouthguard to meet your needs can be done in our Lincoln Park, Chicago, dental practice using dental impressions. We provide custom mouthguards to our patients as a general dentistry service.

Custom mouthguard in Lincoln Park, Chicago, IL

Custom Sports Mouthguards in Chicago

Do you or your child play contact sports? If so, there is always a risk for tooth damage during play that could be prevented with a custom sports mouth guard. Made to fit snugly and comfortably in your mouth, a custom mouthguard for sports is superior to over-the-counter options. When in place, it protects the teeth and gums and can also be made to fit over any orthodontics or oral appliances you may have.

A custom sports mouthguard protects the investment you have made in your smile and oral health. Studies have also shown that a well-fitted custom mouthguard used for sports can improve on-the-field performance compared to an over-the-counter option.

The custom-made version that fits snugly when in use minimizes the energy used to clench the jaw and keep the mouthguard in place. A custom sports mouthguard uses your dental impressions to create a well-fitted appliance that most patients happily wear when playing sports.

Mouthguards for Teeth Grinding

Preventing teeth grinding or bruxism is the second main use of a mouthguard created in our dental office. If it is determined that you are grinding your teeth and clenching your jaw during sleep or when feeling stressed, a mouthguard can be made to help the jaw relax and prevent bruxism.

Also called a night guard, this custom oral appliance can minimize tooth damage and other discomforts that often accompany bruxism. If you have been experiencing jaw pain or your teeth appear worn or flat, an evaluation with Dr. Gayed or Dr. Shaw is the key to preventing permanent damage.

Get A Custom Mouthguard at Gayed Dental

To discuss your need for a sports mouthguard or a night guard, schedule an appointment with us in our Lincoln Park, Chicago dentist office. We welcome new dental patients and provide comprehensive dental care to maintain a healthy and comfortable smile.