Teeth Bonding Lincoln Park, Chicago IL

Tooth bonding is an effective treatment option for addressing tooth damage and minor cosmetic imperfections. Our dentist uses tooth bonding to change the color or shape of a tooth and to repair a chipped or cracked tooth. Tooth bonding can provide an “instant smile makeover” when used to address aesthetic concerns. For many patients, tooth bonding can offer an economical alternative to dental veneers or crowns. Dental bonding is one of the cosmetic dentistry services we provide to the public in Lincoln Park, Chicago, IL.

Teeth bonding in Lincoln Park, Chicago IL

Tooth Bonding: What to Expect

The tooth bonding process is similar to a dental filling in many ways. Experienced cosmetic dentists in Chicago, Dr. Gayed and Dr. Shaw, can skillfully place the composite material to achieve the desired result. Tooth bonding is completed in a single visit in most cases with minimal to no discomfort.

If tooth bonding is part of a smile makeover plan or is used to address a cosmetic dental concern, we will meet with you to evaluate the condition of your teeth and discuss your aesthetic goals. The next step is to prepare the tooth or teeth to be treated.

This involves removing a small amount of tooth structure or any damaged part of the tooth so that the composite material can adhere to the prepared surface without affecting the natural bite. The composite resin material used for dental bonding can be color-matched to your existing teeth, and bonding can often improve the color of a tooth that is stained.

Once the material is in place, it will be sealed and cured with a special light. The final step is to check the fit of the bite and polish the new surface so that the bonding blends seamlessly with your smile.

Tooth Bonding FAQs

How long does tooth bonding last?

Tooth bonding can last for up to 10 years or more, depending on your personal oral habits and the location of the bonded tooth. We will monitor the condition of your bonded tooth during routine dental care visits.

Is tooth bonding a painful procedure?

Tooth bonding is a minimally invasive procedure, and most patients feel comfortable with the local anesthetic we will apply before we prepare the tooth.

Can tooth bonding close gaps between teeth?

Tooth bonding can be used for small gaps between teeth. Our dental care team will evaluate your dental concerns to be sure tooth bonding is the best solution.